Spirito diVino

The interest in wine and what is included in its world is really huge: Spirito diVino, published every two months, is thought for a learned reader or someone wanting to know and read about wine without stopping just at the label. 

“The magazine to reflect while sipping” deals with the culture of good drinking. Tasting with scores given by the magazine technical board; reportage on the visits to the main wineries both in Italy and abroad; analyses and classifications of red, white, rosé wines, Champagne, distillates and sparkling wines, while grand hotels and restaurants are evaluated for the quality of their cellars as well as for the level of their cuisine; interviews to world-renowned personages of the culture, art and show world, loving wine, tasting and often producing it: here are the contents characterizing this bimonthly.
In October 2012 Spirito diVino also launched his sister publication called Spirito di Vino ASIA, also property of Swan Group S.r.l. The new publication, which is written in English and has an initial circulation of 250,000 copies, is based in Hong Kong. The third issue is due to be published in April 2013. The magazine is led by Franz Botrè, also Editorial Director of Spirito diVino and the Italian monthly men’s lifestyle magazine Monsieur (Italy). Spirito diVino is also going to launch a simplified version in mandarin aimed at a Chinese readership.
Part of the  IWSC Group