René Chazottes


René is Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of The Sommelier Association of California and Former Vice President of The Sommelier Society of America. He is a sought after jurist for wine, chef, and sommelier at many well known events and competitions.

Also, René been featured in the New York Times, Wine Country Living, USA Today, The Orange County Reporter, Santé Magazine, and formerly was the director of the tasting panel for the Underground Wine Journal.
He conducts Wine and Gastronomic tours in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, California, Washington, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
In 1988 René was pronounced “Best Sommelier” in the United States.  He also is the only Frenchman outside of Europe to hold the title “Maitre Sommelier” and the title of “Commandeur” in the International Association of Masters counsel in French Gastronomies.


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