David Nathan-Maister

David is the CEO of Oxygenee Ltd, a UK-based company operating in the field of absinthe, and rare and vintage spirits (particularly cognac and calvados). He is a life-long collector of rare wines and spirits, and has 20 years professional experience in the wine and spirits industry.
His involvement with absinthe dates back more than a decade, and he's widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field. David is actively involved with the distillation of absinthe in France - he is a co-owner of the historic Emile Pernot Distillery in Pontarlier. He is also involved with the online distribution of many of the leading absinthe brands and is a consultant to several producers. He has been quoted in numerous articles by The New Yorker, Forbes, The Economist, The Independent and Bloomberg News. David is the coauthor of several widely cited scientific papers on absinthe in peer-reviewed journals, and is the author of The Absinthe Encyclopedia, the definitive book on the history of La Fee Verte.
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