Vincent Géré

As the Director of Rémy Martin Estates & Oenology, Vincent Géré is ultimately responsible for all the cognacs made by the company: their supply, their production and their style. His role is unique in the region of Cognac and ensures that Rémy Martin continues to encapsulate the “heart of cognac”itself.
His father was the director of the INAO in Cognac and cellarmaster for three Chateaux in the Médoc (Lafon-Rochet, Malescasse, and Pontet Canet).
Having graduated from the famous Montpellier University (historically the world’s most reputable school for oenology) with a master’s degree in agronomy and a Ph.D. in both viticulture and oenology, Vincent promptly launched his career as a flying winemaker. Once a member of the Wine & Brandy Corporation of Australia, the Australian Institute of Management, and President of the Australian French Chamber of Commerce, Géré is also known for his regular publications, seminars, and speeches.
In 1999 Vincent returned to Cognac to take up position as Director of International Product Communications and to have an active role working alongside the Cellarmaster developing both new products and new ways of serving, tasting and appreciating Rémy Martin Cognac.
In 2003 Vincent Géré became Director of Rémy Martin Estates and Cognacs. As a result he is ultimately responsible for the supply, production and above all, style of all cognacs made by the company, from the world famous VSOP Fine Champagne to Louis XIII de Rémy Martin “the King of Cognacs”.
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