Richard Rowe (South Africa)

Richard joined leading South African alcoholic beverage producer, KWV, as chief winemaker in October 2008. This followed an international career in winemaking, during which the Australian born winemaker developed a truly global outlook on winemaking styles, quality and production efficiency.
Highlights in his career were the years spent at Australian wineries Evans & Tate (Margaret River) and Leasingham (Clare Valley), where he not only played a major role in establishing a high performance workplace and culture, but also won several national and international awards. These included the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy - a high profile award at the Melbourne wine show - for the exhibitor of the best beverage wine of the vintage year prior to the current vintage year.
During the years that Richard spent in Germany in France, he developed a keen sense and understanding of the importance and regionality - reflected in both wine styles and techniques. As a winemaker, Richard is driven by quality, attention to detail and focused approach. Improvement is fundamental to his value system in winemaking - every wine has to better than it was the previous harvest.
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