Rebecca Mahmoud (USA)

Rebecca's passion for wine evolved from her graduate studies in anthropology and a fascination with material culture. She is drawn to wine as a by-product of the culture that both produces and consumes it.
Rebecca grew up in family-owned hotels, bars and restaurants and started working with food and wine at a young age; initially in the kitchen and later as a server. Following a move to Switzerland in 2000, a healthy interest quickly became a calling. An intensive self study program led to a career that she now acknowledges as her last.
A move back to San Francisco in 2002 saw her take on a marketing role at Broadbent Selections—a successful wine company founded by Bartholomew Broadbent, son of Michael Broadbent. Rebecca continues to work at Broadbent today, as a Regional Manager focusing on introducing wines from around the world to key accounts in the United States.
Rebecca is a passionate speaker about Chateau Musar, the history of Port and Madeira, as well on food and wine pairings.
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