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Shipping can be arranged in one of the following ways:


Through our local shipping agents (listed below by country)

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Through a UK distributor


You can make arrangements independently



Shipping deadlines


New for 2014

We have introduced a simple shipping system to make the entry and shipping process even easier than before. For only  £37 per wine entry, and £58 per spirit entry, entrants will be able to ship their wines into the Competition from any office of our partner, Hellmann Beverage Logistics..
Please note that this price covers all duty.

Please use the search box above to find your local Hellmann office, and for shipping deadlines click here.
In order to qualify for this shipping you must deliver the entry to your local office by the deadline. All boxes must be clearly marked with the below, and include your company name.

For all entries including SHIPPING please email your payment form to and note that SHIPPING should be included in your invoice.

Not added shipping to your order?

Please deliver 4 samples of each wine and/or spirit entry directly to:

The International Wine and Spirit Competition Cellars
Building 17, Dunsfold Park,
Stovolds Hill,
Surrey, GU6 8TB,
Please note - South Africa WINE Shipping details are different – find out more here..



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