Tasting School

IWSC Tasting School is our new initiative to help educate you about wine;


· Set up to help consumers understand what is in their glass.

· Uses award winning wines from the IWSC

· Gives consumers the chance to learn more about wine and spirits.

· Run by WSET accredited tutors with over 40 years combined wine trade experience.




· 2 hour course introducing you to the major grape varieties

· How to read and understand a wine label

· Learn to taste wine like the pros

· Taste 6 wines from around the world, covering major winemaking regions and styles

· Information on choosing and selecting wine in both shop and restaurant

· Crib sheets, glasses and nibbles included.

· Courses held at the purpose built wine headquarters of the IWSC.

· Courses can be held at home (distance to IWSC HQ permitting)

· Max 8 people a course.



· 2 hour course introducing people to the basic idea of matching flavours with wine.

· 6 wines from around the world to match the foods.

· Learn to taste wine like a pro.

· How to use your new skills when choosing wine in a restaurant.

· Crib sheets, glasses and food samples provided.

· Courses held at the purpose built wine headquarters of the IWSC

· Courses can be held at home (distance to IWSC HQ permitting).

· Max 8 people a course.


The Wine & Spirit Education Trust was established in 1969 to promote, provide and develop high quality education and training in wines and spirits. It has expanded to offer courses to the trade employee and interested consumer alike.

· Offered in 62 countries

· Over 48,000 people sat a WSET course in 2010 (and rising)

· OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications & Exam Regulations) accredited

· The trade qualification now open to enthusiastic consumers



· Course runs over one Saturday

· No prior knowledge needed

· Introduction to the main styles of wines available.

· Learn how to taste wine the professional way

· Wine service and storage

· Food and wine matching

· All text books included

· 30 question multiple choice exam at the end

· OFQUAL accredited course

· £140 includes a buffet lunch.



· Course runs over 9 weekday evenings (2 hours weekly)

· No prior knowledge needed.

· Learn to understand the labelling on wine.

· Focus on the key grape varieties and regions of the world including Wine production, key white and black grape varieties, wine producing regions of the world, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines, spirits.

· Learn to taste wine the professional way.

· Food & Wine Matching

· All text books included

· 50 question multiple choice exam at the end

· OFQUAL accredited course.

· £350



Pip Mortimer

Pip started in the wine trade at the age of twenty-one, full of enthusiasm and with a geography degree under her belt. Two years working in Oddbins stores in South West London, soon made her realise it was not a glamorous world, but left her with a love of wine and the desire to spread the vinous word.

As one of the start-up crew at Vinopolis she had a chance to her hone her presentation skills on the floor, presenting and talking about wine and organising wine dinners before joining the IWSC in 2001 as Tasting Manager.

Her career at the IWSC has seen thousands of bottles pass through her hands from all over the world and a longing to share the knowledge that she gained from her job. She gained her WSET Diploma in 2002.

Pip lives in West Sussex with her husband and son.


Michela Nassiz

Italian in nationality, Michela grew up in the far North-East of Italy, Friuli Region. Her love of wine and spirits started early with her working in a wine bar and a distillery, before she moved to America and ran the tasting room at the Barboursville winery and was assistant sommelier at Del Posto Restaurant.

Coming to England, she worked at Vinopolis, presenting many different wines, spirits and dinners to the guests. Stints as Sommelier at both the Royal Automobile Club and L’Anima Restaurant increased her knowledge and desire to educate the consumer.

Michela joined the IWSC in 2010 as International Tasting Manager meaning she gets to travel to far flung places to organise professional tastings, including South Africa and Hong Kong.

Michela lives in Surrey with her husband.


For more information please contact Pip or Michela at tastingschool@iwscgroup.com 

01483 548 963 



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