Barry McCaughley


Panel Judge

Barry has 20 years experience in the beverage and hospitality industries.

He has owned an Italian wine import agency, sourced wine from all over Europe, led a number of high profile food and beverage events and consulted on over 20 bar and restaurant concepts including - Morso, Freakscene, Black Roe, Hankies, Nirvana, Kim Chee and Chotto Matte where he made Finalist in Wine List of the year in 2013.

Barry is also a fully certified Sake sommelier and achieved a runners up spot in World Sake Sommelier of the Year.

He has been an IWSC judge for 4 years (sake/shochu, asian spirits, wine (Italy and France) tequila/mezcal), presented masterclasses and frequently hosts training sessions for restaurant teams.

Currently, Barry is a Partner in two businesses. In drinks with Kaiju Drinks, a Japanese spirits company and in hospitality with restaurant group, Morso.
Barry McCaughley