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Jay Bileti

Jay Bileti



Panel Judge

Jay Bileti has been closely involved with wine since he was a child (helping both of his Italian grandfathers make wine). He worked his way through college as a restaurant wine steward and retail wine sales clerk.

In 1990, Jay enrolled in the International Wine Academy and completed their five year International Wine Master program. The courses allowed him to travel all over the world studying viticulture, winemaking and honing his sensory evaluation skills. He passed the grueling two-day examination, similar to that given to aspiring Masters of Wine, in 1995 and is currently one of three IWMs in the world.

Jay has been active on the wine competition circuit for more than 25 years, judging in competitions all around the world. He has also spoken at various technical industry seminars on sensory evaluation.

Jay has been a member of the American Wine Society for over 20 years, currently serving on the Board of Directors as the Director of Member Services.

Jay’s wine writing has appeared in publications of the American Institute of Wine and Food, American Wine On the Web, Wine and Cuisine magazine, Arizona Vines and Wines, AZ Wine Lifestyles and several other newspapers and magazines.