Davide Merlini


Panel Judge

Davide Merlini is Maître and Head Sommelier of the "Le Jardin de Russie Restaurant” at the 5* Hotel De Russie, located in Rome.

He studied at the A.I.S. (Italian Sommelier Association), achieving Technique Service Master Diploma, Professional Sommelier Diploma and Sommelier Master Class Diploma.

In 2006 he was winner of the national award "Innovation in the Profession" promoted by AIS and Villa Sandi winery. He has been finalist in the category "Best Sommelier in His Restaurant" of the national Duemilavini Wine Oscar 2006 award. He is a member of "The Worldwide Sommelier Association" and he is named "Chevalieur Sabreur of the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or".

Davide is involved in wine education; write as independent for some publications; make wine brokerage and freelance consultant. In 2013 he founded the association of professional sommeliers and maitres, Noidisala. He continues to deepen his knowledge of wines and his education. He also continues to train, visiting wineries all over the world, in order to study the “terroirs” of the wines that he tastes and proposes in his profession and to appreciate and observe their productive reality.
Davide Merlini