IWSC Testimonials


"As the IWSC is one of the best-judged wine shows in the world, any wine with an IWSC medal is greeted very favourably by the consumer"

Neil McGuigan, CEO Australian Vintage, 2015 IWSC President




"We have been entering the IWSC for well over a decade as it's one of the most prestigious competitions of its type. The rigorous judging process is second to none and it is a huge accolade for us to win medals as it validates our focus on producing quality wines for our customers."

Kimberley Davenport, Marketing and PR Manager, Beers, Wines & Spirits, Sainsbury's Supermarkets



"The IWSC is a competition at the top of its league with regards to wine & spirits judging. Impeccably organised, proficient & professional at all times, the IWSC offers entrants the opportunity to be tasted against some of the best products in the world, by a contingent of some of the most experienced tasters. An award from the competition is always to be taken seriously and a clear indication of quality and presence in the contemporary market place. As competitions go, this is certainly one of the best. "

Ivan Dixon, Wine & Spirit Buyer, Harvey Nichols



"When it comes to building a brand having credibility is really important. Why? Well, it give your best customers validation that they're not the only ones who think you're special. After putting the IWSC award credit on the frontpage of our site we noticed Wine Folly followers began spreading our story more through word of mouth. I haven't been able to get control of my email inbox ever since. "

Madeline Puckette, IWSC Blogger of the Year 2013



"The IWSC is not only the oldest institution serving the global alcohol trade, but it is also a leader in wine and spirits competitions. Many consumers rely on these awards when buying wines and spirits. To consumers, these awards represent quality and value. Rarely do wines and spirits withstand the scrutiny of such large judging panels. As one of the judges, I am always impressed by the quality of the tasting team"

Charlie Arturaola, IWSC Communicator of the Year 2012


"We're always delighted to win awards from respected, objective organisations such as the IWSC. This is particularly welcome as it is a pure reflection on the quality of the wines in our range, as judged by independent well-qualified judges in a highly rigorous process. Not only is it a testament to the work of our Buying Team, but also to the dedication of all our suppliers"

Anne Jones, Wines, Beers and Spirits Buying Team, Waitrose.


"Like any industry it is wonderful to receive recognition from awards bodies and because the IWSC is judges by members of the wine industry, any prize is a pat on the back from the trade. The medals we have received this year from the IWSC are testimony to the hard work the Tesco wine team puts into creating a range we are proud of and which appeals to our vast array of customers. Medals are also a useful tool to help us to clearly communicate to our customers about the quality of the wines available at Tesco"

Laura Jewell MW, Category Product Development Manager, Tesco.


"There are competitions and there are competitions, but the IWSC is one of the few that really works as it is recognised by consumers. Effective competitions need to connect with the consumer and that is something the IWSC does well. Another reason for the IWSC being our first choice is the professionalism and the way in which it presents itself"

Bruce Jack, WineMaker, Flagstone Wines.


"To win such a coveted award from an institution like the IWSC is an honour, as we know that our wines have been judges to the highest standard and will receive global recognition for their quality."

Amanda Emerson, Marketing & Communications Manager, Eurowines.


"The IWSC is built on the principles of quality, rigour and fairness. Our specialist Technical and Judging Committee, led by Phillip Goodband MW, ensures that each aspect of the judging process is carefully thought through with these principles in mind. Our experienced chair judges, their judging panels and the service team in the IWSCs dedicated premises then work through the judging process with impressive integrity. In this way the IWSC ensures that all its entries are judged fairly and in the correct context."

David Wrigley MW, WSET Global Communications Director.


"The IWSC is arguably the most prestigious wine show in the world. From the professional administration, to the quality of the exhibits from around the globe, to the calibre and experience of the judges, makes an award at this exhibition very special for any producer. If you are lucky enough to win an International Trophy from the IWSC the reputation of your brand is immediately enhanced domestically and internationally. Wine show success at the IWSC has an incredible positive influence on wine buyers around the world, especially to those in the emerging markets."

Neil McGuigan, CEO, Australian Vintage


"Being awarded a Gold medal from the IWSC is not just an accolade of one person, whether a winemaker, distiller or master blender, it is an endorsement of many people which fully reflects their tireless dedication and immeasurable pride. As a result, the IWSC for over 40 years has brought such genuine satisfaction to those many "unsung heroes" at work behind the labels who have made their own inimitable contribution."

Richard Paterson, Master Blender, Whyte & Mackay


"At Waitrose, we know that our customers appreciate any help they can get in deciding which wine or spirit they should buy. An independent endorsement from such a well-respected competition as the International Wine and Spirit Competition can be exactly what they need, and we really see the results in sales. The IWSC is especially well respected for the judging standards that it sets, and it is always gratifying to get good results for us and for our suppliers, and an expression of the exceptional quality that customers can expect from our range."



"The Competition is the ultimate recognition of product quality, and so as a company we make it a priority to support it."



"Diversity in wine and spirits is what keeps our world interesting and stimulating. The Competition encourages and rewards continuing advancement of our crafts of wine growing and winemaking through stringent judging and laboratory testing of our products. It challenges us to develop new techniques to coax the most elegant expression of varietal excellence and terroir from vineyards and to preserve that for the future. It is also the stage for regionally transcendent or classical wines from all the world's wine-producing regions."



“At Baron de Ley we call the International Wine & Spirit Competition simply “The Competition”, as we believe it’s simply the most consistant and comprehensive wine competition in the world. We started entering our wines in the Competition more than ten years ago and the yearly release of the results has become a classic day, where we can get a unique and objective assessment about the direction we’re heading to as a company. On top of that, the medals and trophies won in the Competition have become a great tool to communicate the excellence of our products and in this respect... actually it has played quite a role in building our reputation over the last years.”



"As a leading supplier to the various trade sectors in several overseas markets Vinimpo (UK) Limited is pleased to be a prominent sponsor of the International Wine and Spirit Competition; we consider it to be the leading competition of its kind, actively promoting the quality and excellence of the world's best wines, spirits and liqueurs.”



"The London International Wine Fair and Distil are delighted to be a leading sponsor of The International Wine & Spirit Competition and to support the promotion of quality and excellence of the world’s best wines, spirits and liqueurs"



“JF Hillebrand are delighted to sponsor for the second year running the IWSC, Chilean Wine Producer Award. The competition highlights the skilled craft of winegrowing and wine making, something JF Hillebrand are proud to reward. These awards encourage producers to strive for excellence in product quality. Through strict judging processes and testing methods the winners really do earn the decoration they receive.”



"The IWSC is a highly respected international wine and spirit competition Due to the meticulous structure of the judging process and how the wines are analysed. This makes any medal winnings highly deserved."

Angela Mount, Head of Buying and Marketing, Your Favourite Wines.com

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