Wines and spirits celebrated for design innovation

IWSC news

Thu 11 Oct 2018

Over 75 Gold and Gold Outstanding medals were awarded to a range of wine and spirit brands today in the release of the IWSC Design and Media Awards results. 

The awards span four different categories celebrating innovation and creativity in artwork, bottle design, packaging and print advertisements:

  • The Wine Artwork and Bottle Design Awards
  • The Spirits Artwork and Bottle Design Awards
  • The Spirits Packaging Awards
  • The Best Product Print Advertisement

Experts from the wine, spirits and design industries judged entries and awarded trophies to the most innovative wine, vodka and tequila brands. Judges included Catherine Monahan, founder and CEO of Gigglewater Wine Company, IWSC chair judge Chris Horridge, and Stephen Franks, creative director of brand design agency Franks and Franks.

The IDMA trophy winners

The Spirits Artwork & Bottle Design Awards

Squadron 303 Vodka

Spirits Artwork.png

“A clear winner. Total concept of bottle shape of flask and matching graphics to tell a strong, compelling story.Loved the “hip flask” design and the metal base, all beautifully crafted and with great clear retro packaging. Gives a fabulous feeling of clarity, freshness, quality, purity, and invites you in to understand more about the Polish history. Overall a very beautiful and aesthetically appealing bottle to the eye.”

The Spirits Packaging Awards

UWA Tequila - Platinum Blanco

Spirits Packaging.png

“The bottle and box define style and class. Distinct, strong and clean with the packaging complimenting the bottle and graphics. The bottle shape is unique with amazing attention to detail. A great brand is one that makes you feel something about yourself and engage with it emotionally and this does that 100%. Sexy, stylish, refreshing packaging that should be in every bar and stylish restaurant around the world.”

The Wine Artwork & Bottle Design Awards

Bodegas El Grillo 2011

Wine Artwork.png

“Very modern, clean, simple, and professional. Speaks of quality, eye catching with great shelf presence. The grasshopper gives a sense of heritage and terroir – a knowing that these are people who care about their soil and the environment. The name silk screened on the bottle creates a strong, unique design that stands out from every other bottle that all use labels - with all the usual information. This breaks the mould.

Search the full winners listing here.

For the Best Product Print Advertisement, the judges decided that while all entries were acceptable, no single advertisement was outstanding to win the trophy for this category.