International wine &
spirit competition

Results announcements 2020

Results announcements 2020

Please check below to find out when the results for your region will be announced publicly. (Results will be released to winners under embargo a few days earlier.)

Note: Due to the current situation, we have delayed our judging and results release dates. Please check our coronavirus page for more information and sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date information.



August 2020

  • Spirits (excluding Scotch whisky)

Early September 2020

  • Northern Hemisphere wines (excluding Asia)

September 2020

  • Scotch whisky

2 October 2020

  • Southern Hemisphere wines
  • Wines from Asia
  • Wines from South Africa
  • Sake & vermouth
  • Low and no alcohol wines and spirits
  • Spirit & Mixer awards 
  • Design Awards
6 October 2020
  • Wine trophies


  • People and retailer awards
IWSC awards ceremony
  • Outstanding Achievement in the Scotch Whisky Industry
  • Julian Brind Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Acheivement in the Wine Industry
  • Producer trophies
  • Retailer trophies

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