IWSC Judges’ Picks for Dry January: low & no alcohol wines

Alternative drinks

Tue 2 Jan 2024

By Mila Gorchakova

Low & no alcohol has been among the most exciting growing categories at the IWSC. This relatively young category has been showing significant growth in both the number of entries and its quality, year on year. As one of the biggest awards for low & no, we are proud to champion outstanding brands that have chosen to 'go sober' without sacrificing on flavour. To mark 'Dry January', we have highlighted the best low & no alcohol wines from our 2023 judging. 

At the 2023 IWSC, the Low & No Alcohol panels were overseen by Claire Warner. After some vigorous debate, the judges awarded 10 golds, over 70 silver and over 90 bronze medals to low & no wines.

“The low & no wines performed really well. As usual, many of these products rely on sugar as a carrier, but overall the bar is being raised. Sparkling wines truly sparkled and there were quite a few medals in the white category. Altogether, it was an interesting day filled with a diversity of drinks,” said our judges.

Best Low & No Alcohol Wines from IWSC 2023