IWSC announces shortlist for 2023 Wine Communicator Trophy

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Tue 6 Sep 2022

The IWSC is delighted to share the shortlist for its 2023 Wine Communicator Trophy.

This year’s trophy was judged by 2022 winner, Sarah Heller MW, together with Laura Richards, Ali Cooper MW and editor for The Buyer, Richard Siddle. The judging panel was completed by Marco Battocchia from the sponsor of this award, Vinitaly.

The winner of this year’s Wine Communicator Trophy will be revealed at our Awards Dinner & Industry Celebration on 29 September at the Roundhouse.

The shortlisted entrants for this year’s Wine Communicator Trophy are:

Amanda Barnes 13-1.png

Our judges really admired the tenacity and passion which Amanda shows, self-publishing her critically acclaimed book, South America Wine Guide. The felt she really embodied the international ethos of the IWSC, speaking across both trade and consumer forums to engage and fully share the story of wines from South America, and beyond. Highlighting how the greatest journalists can both report and investigate but also challenge and stand up for the industry they write about. An incredibly popular entrant.

Jane Anson 


An incredibly well respected and established communicator, our judges really appreciated Jane’s ongoing drive to experiment with new formats in the world of communication to really share her message. Viewed as the first wine journalist to break into technology and the role that NFTs can play in communications in the future, she was described as a trial blazer.

This past year has demonstrated several breakthroughs for Jane, including  the launch of her personal, paid for Inside Bordeaux website, which beautifully illustrates how she has been instrumental in evolving the Bordeaux category and bringing a much needed fresh analytical approach to what is happening in this key wine region. 

Mariano Braga 


Our judges were very impressed by how Mariano has grown his following and is finding new ways to communicate with wine lovers. Working in the industry for 20 years, Mariano has used his experience as a Sommelier and restaurant owner to create innovative new ways to educate and communicate with his audience.

He has recently launched his MeLoDijoBraga El Podcast, sharing several podcasts a week, and quickly establishing itself as the #1 most listened food podcast in Argentina. Shortlisted for this award twice before – Mariano is a popular communicator with the IWSC.

Rob Buckhaven 10-5.png

A wine columnist and presenter, this past year has seen Rob publish his first book, The Alcorithm, which explores flavour guides to help consumers find the drinks they’ll enjoy.

With his new regular drink’s column in The Metro, our judge’s felt Rob was providing a refreshing approach to wine communication, making wine more accessible and relatable to consumers.

Natalie Wang 


Founding Vino Joy to share authoritative and trustworthy news on the Asian and Chinese wine market, our judges were all in agreement that she was the go to source for news, views, and analysis from these markets. Breaking the news as well as reporting on it, Natalie with her ambitious outlook, is really making a voice for a growing marketing.




The winner of this year’s Wine Communicator Trophy will be announced at our Awards Dinner & Industry Celebration on 29 September at the Roundhouse.

Thank you to our sponsor, Vinitaly.