A note from our 2019 President

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Wed 11 Dec 2019

As IWSC President Sir George Fistonich passes the baton to his successor, we spoke to him about his past year as President, the wine world, and his thoughts on the future.

Looking back at the past year and your IWSC presidency, what stands out? 
My preparation for the banquet emphasised what a great organisation the IWSC is, with strong leadership and dedicated staff. It really is a very important institution for our global industry. It's made me realise what a great honour being President is, not just for me, but for Villa aria and the New Zealand wine industry too.

What do you think will be the biggest change we can expect to see in the wine world in the next 50 years?
I believe there will be a strong tendency for consumers, due to the global focus on health, well-being and fitness, to want to drink less but of higher quality. The higher value premium wine ranges will show growth. I also expect there to be a rise in the mumber of independent convenience stores who will succeed by focusin on convenience and stock variety.

Is there anything you'd like to pass on to 2020's President, Tamara Roberts - CEO of Ridgeview?
Tamara, what you'll enjoy immediately about your presidency is all the pre-meetings and events. You will meet past Presidents, hardworking IWSC staff and the company's leaders, where you'll hear wonderful and thought-provoking stories about the global wine industry that really is just one big family.


Sir George Fistonich
Founder of Villa Maria

IWSC President 2019