Joe Fattorini Announced as Wine Communicator of the Year Winner 2017!

IWSC news

Mon 3 Apr 2017

IWSC is pleased to announce Joe Fattorini as Wine Communicator of the Year for 2017!
Fattorini was picked as the outstanding candidate from a prestigious shortlist for his work on The Wine Show, on which he is now wowing audiences worldwide following the show’s phenomenal success since hitting screens last spring.

The show – which has now been broadcast in 109 countries – has attracted a cult following, largely thanks to Fattorini’s infectious enthusiasm and insatiable appetite to share his knowledge with a mass audience of wine lovers, as well as for his adventurous reporting on all things weird and wonderful from the world of wine.

Since first broadcasting in spring last year, viewers have watched Fattorini learning about the ritual of kissing vines in South Africa, the defences of a vineyard in the war-torn Middle East and the many strange rituals of winemakers the world over.

He has also used his starring role in the show to lead entertaining on-screen tastings with fellow presenters and self-confessed wine novices Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, as well as to interact with millions of fans via social media following each broadcast.

Richard Stoppard, Chief Operating Officer of IWSC, said Fattorini had impressed judges with his energy, enthusiasm and ability to present wine as both exciting and engaging to a global audience, irrespective of their previous level of knowledge.

“Joe’s work on The Wine Show has shown him to be a great voice for the wine industry and a champion for democratising the world of wine for the public,” explained Stoppard.
2016 winner Joe Wadsack, who was part of a judging panel including IWSC representatives, journalists and senior figures from the wine industry*, described Fattorini as “astonishing”. He added: “Joe is a born communicator and is taking huge risks to make wine interesting and relevant to a mass audience.”

Among his broadcasts, Fattorini has investigated how one French wine maker risked his life working for the Resistance during the Second World War, and has even interviewed one winemaker who puts on a wetsuit every time he visits his cellar – because it’s underwater.

More importantly, he has helped and encouraged viewers to try wines from all round the world, with his Wine of the Week recommendations proving to be one of the most popular features of the show’s website,

Celebrating his award, Yorkshire-based Fattorini – who prior to starring on The Wine Show spent 15 years as the weekly wine critic for The Herald newspaper in Scotland – said: “It is a great honour to receive this award, which represents the work of the remarkable team who made The Wine Show happen, from the investors who risked their money and the directors and producers who risked their reputations, to the tireless technical team and the wine makers who welcomed us and told us their stories.

Joe Fattorini will be providing exclusive insights into the world of wine during his masterclass, A Story Book of Wine, on 9 April 2017 at Vinitaly.