2023 Spirits Awards - deliberations from our judges #2

Spirit news

Wed 8 Mar 2023

After a second full day of Scotch whisky judging, we caught up with Becky Paskin to hear how the tasting was going.

“I love coming along to the IWSC spirits judging because it's an opportunity to taste a wide variety of whiskies from all over the world.

Today we've been judging scotch whisky and it's really eye opening to see the breadth of flavours and styles that are produced by this one tiny country.

With so much heritage and history, it’s always really exciting to be reminded how many different styles of scotch whisky actually exist.

Over the past couple of days, we've tasted everything from blends to blended malt with cask finishes, no age statements, high age statements, 30 year old blended scotch and single malts from the highlands, and that was just my table!

We gave out a fair few Gold and Gold Outstanding medals and generally we were all really impressed with the overall standard of scotch.


The IWSC’s 2023 Spirits Results will be available from 27 March 2023.