Introducing IWSC London Dry Gin Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Mon 26 Feb 2024

By Mila Gorchakova

Ahead of the closing date for our Spirits Awards entries, we are delighted to announce our new London Dry Gin Producer Trophy, sponsored by The Gin Guild.

This year marks several important changes happening in the Gin category at the IWSC. Reflecting the situation in the industry and to ensure fair, consistent judging for all our entries, we have recently revised our Gin subcategories.

While being tasted alongside other traditional, juniper-forward gins at our judging, London Dry remains an important, stand-alone type of gin for the IWSC as we acknowledge its rich heritage, its authenticity and its unique place in the international market. As part of our continuous commitment to championing the best London Dry producers, in collaboration with our long-term partners, The Gin Guild, we are introducing a dedicated producer trophy, celebrating London Dry.    

Christelle Guibert, CEO of the IWSC comments: “Gin is one of the biggest and the most diverse categories at the IWSC, with thousands of entries every year.We are excited to witness all the innovation happening in this category, whilst also watching the many producers who opt for the traditional styles of gin. It is our honour to celebrate the most outstanding producers from both camps, therefore we are delighted to introduce the IWSC London Dry Gin Producer trophy – giving this unique type of gin the spotlight it deserves”.

Pal Gleed, Director General of The Gin Guild adds: "The Gin Guild are passionate about the art of gin production, especially those made to the strict London Dry Gin standards, and we are delighted this new award celebrates London Dry Gin at the very pinnacle of the Gin category".

The IWSC’s Producer Trophies are amongst the most prestigious accolades in the drinks industry. Our Producer Trophy winners are announced at our annual Awards Celebration. They represent the true benchmark of their categories.