IWSC reveals winners of coveted Scotch Whisky and Worldwide Whiskey Producer Trophies

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Fri 22 Oct 2021

Last night at the IWSC’s inaugural Scotch & Worldwide Whiskey Awards Ceremony, hosted at Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel, the winners of several of our most coveted awards were announced, including the Scotch Whisky Producer and Worldwide Whiskey Producer trophies.

These prizes recognise the accumulated success across the awards for entries into our Scotch Whisky and Worldwide Whiskey categories and have become a hotly contested award with producers pushing boundaries with rare bottlings, unique cask finishes and longer aged whiskies.

This year, the IWSC is delighted to award Chivas Brothers the 2021 Scotch Whisky Producer Trophy, sponsored by Forsyths. Chivas Brothers was founded back in the 19th century by brothers, James and John, who blended their first dram in the basement beneath their store in Aberdeen.

It became part of the Pernod Ricard family of spirits in 2001 and brought with it an impressive portfolio of Scotch whisky brands featuring a range of celebrated malt and blended whiskies.

With several of its Scotch whiskies picking up 32 gold and gold-outstanding medals in 2021, including gold medals across several age declarations for Longmorn, Glen Keith, Caperdonich, Braes of Glenlivit and Chivas Regal, the Chivas Brothers portfolio is a commendable winner of this year’s Scotch Whisky Producer Trophy.

Chivas Brothers medal-winning whiskies can be viewed here.


Representatives from Pernod Ricard collecting the award from IWSC President, Michael Urquhart and award sponsor, Richard Forsyth from Forsyth’s


Following the announcement of the Scotch Whisky Producer Trophy, the IWSC announced the winner of the 2021 Worldwide Whiskey Producer Trophy, sponsored by Labrenta. This award can be given to any producer from across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia, and for this year, the accolade was presented to Kavalan Distillery.

Kavalan has been pioneering the art of Taiwanese whisky since 2005 and this is the second time the distillery has received this trophy, having originally been awarded the title in 2016.

For 2021, Kavalan whiskies received 15 gold and gold-outstanding medals as well as the Kavalan Distillery Podium Single Malt Whisky being awarded the 2021 Worldwide Whiskey Trophy.

The full list of 2021 Kavalan medal winners can be viewed here.