Q&A with Talis by Cork Supply

Spirit news

Tue 28 Jul 2020

IWSC sponsor Talis provides premium cork stoppers for luxury wine and spirit brands, working with high profile producers including Glenfarclas, Monkey Shoulder and Mermaid Gin.

Here, global brand manager Monika Michalski (below, right) and general manager Margarida Brito e Faro (below, left) share the inspiration to start Talis, how the company has adapted and supported its partners in the current climate, and their hopes for the future.


What was the inspiration to start Talis?

Talis was created in 2013 as part of our desire to be part of the spirits and fortified wine industry. There was a clear need for a premium bartop that combined high performance and maximum quality and, having high quality standards and a true passion for our products, we felt that we could make a difference in this world. The word TALIS stands for excellence and greatness in Latin, which are essentially the two drivers in everything that we do.

What sets Talis apart?

Quality Management begins in the forest, which ensures maximum quality in our raw materials and corks. A team of specialists works in collaboration with the forest owners, and together we work to protect and enhance the quality of the raw materials. This philosophy ensures full traceability in our products.

Our extreme dedication to every customer and project also sets us apart because we are truly invested in helping bring each carefully crafted story and brand to life.

What difference does the cork stopper make to the drink?

The cork is the part that is in contact with the drink, so it is extremely important that it is of high quality. It is the final piece in place that protects the drink; it is fundamental to have a seal that guarantees quality and performance throughout the life cycle of the drink.


What are your hopes for the future of the company?

We hope to continue to be a reliable partner for the spirits industry, providing products of good quality that help the market’s confidence for natural and technical corks grow. Our goal is to continue to grow in a sustainable way, and to provide the market with innovative solutions that are driven by customers’ needs and wants.

How have you adapted in the current climate?

Our role is about more than simply supplying a winery or distillery with bartops; we are here to be their partners and support them however possible. Our focus is always 100% on our customer. During this time we have been even more flexible with regards to deliveries and we created safety stocks for our customers who had to temporarily close their facilities, to ensure them that we had product ready once they were up and running again.

With restaurants, bars and pubs now reopening, what kind of impact do you think this will have on the industry? How do you see things progressing in this “new normal”? And how are you working with and supporting your customers through the reopening process?

This will undoubtedly help normalise the consumption of alcoholic drinks, especially spirits. Consumption didn’t “flat-line” so to speak because people continued to drink at home, but the type of consumption at home is quite different to what and how people consume at restaurants and bars. We believe that even with health and safety restrictions in place, with the reopening of bars and pubs we will see the consumption of alcoholic beverages rise again.