Shining a spotlight on our 2022 medal-winning agave spirits

Spirit news

Mon 28 Mar 2022

By Gemma Duncan

Following the announcement of the IWSC’s 2022 spirits awards, it is apparent from the results that there remains a clear, upward trend for tequila and mezcal.

In total, over 100 agave spirits were entered into this year’s awards of which 19 of them received the IWSC’s highest accolade, a gold or gold outstanding medal.

Overall, versus the previous year’s entries, medal allocations for tequila and mezcal were up almost 20% and looking into market trends, these results should hardly be surprising.

As producers aim to appeal to the growing market, quality of the agave spirit category continues to improve.

Sales of tequila were reported to be up 54% in 2020 according to Patron, and Pernod Ricard (home to Altos and Avion Tequila) put the year's growth up by 60%*.

Beyond 2020, momentum for agave spirits has held strong as the at-home-mixology trend took hold during the pandemic, with consumers creating their favourite cocktails at home, the margarita being a customer favourite that is easily replicated at home.

Following our recent spirits award announcements, the IWSC's 2022 gold outstanding, gold and silver medal winning tequilas and mezcals have been highlighted below:




*Forbes: A Look At 2020 In The Tequila Industry (link)