Top 10 summer spirits pairings

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Mon 8 Jul 2019

Published in partnership with Double Dutch.

With the recent solstice marking the longest day of the year, summer is well and truly underway – and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with a selection of award-winning gins, vodkas, whiskies and more, each perfectly paired with one of Double Dutch’s fresh and flavourful mixers.

Tanqueray Sevilla1.png

For a fresh summer serve, pair this fragrant gin with Double Dutch’s classic Soda Water, which brightens the gin’s flavours of jammy orange peel, citrus blossom and marmalade. Garnish with grapefruit zest for a finishing touch.

Where to buy: Amazon, £20

Double Dutch Soda Water: Amazon, £18.50 for a pack of 24

Effen Cucumber Vodka2.png

For a match made in summery heaven, pair Effen Cucumber Vodka with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon. The vodka is crisp and refreshing with a bright flavour profile – an ideal partner for Double Dutch’s cooling mixer. The tonic’s cucumber has a natural affinity for light summer fizzes, while the watermelon brings warmth and shine, making for a succulent summer cooler.

Where to buy: Amazon, £33.21

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon: Amazon, £19.14 for a pack of 24; Waitrose, £3


Ginstr - Stuttgart Dry Gin3.png

The flavours of Ginstr’s smooth and spicy trophy-winning gin are ideal for pairing with tonic, with its elegant juniper and zesty citrus botanicals framing the drink. The pink grapefruit of Double Dutch’s Indian Tonic Water brightens the top flavours of the gin, while subtle hints of juniper round out and lengthen the finish. 

Where to buy: Amazon, £43.04

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water: Amazon, £18.90 for a pack of 24; Waitrose, £3


Pensador Mezcal4.png

This sweet and smoky small-batch Mezcal is supported perfectly by Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil, which has a complex flavour profile that supports the drink. The pomegranate is sweet and tart with tannic notes, while basil lifts acidic flavours to deliver an exotic taste with a sweet and tangy finish.

Where to buy: Amazon, £45.35

Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil: Amazon, £19.14 for a pack of 24


Blanton’s Gold Edition5.png

For the whisky lovers out there, this Bourbon is elegant and classy, and filled with notes of fresh chocolate nougat, cinnamon and cassis bark. Mix it with some lemon juice, agave syrup and top with Double Dutch Ginger Beer for a fresh and juicy summer cocktail.

Where to buy: The Whisky World, £79.90

Double Dutch Ginger Beer: Amazon, £19.14 for a pack of 24

6 O'clock Damson Gin6.png

This textbook damson gin combines notes of vibrant, plump stone fruit – from sweet cherry to tart plum – with light vanilla and an almond nuttiness. The beautifully silky gin pairs with Double Dutch’s low calorie Skinny Tonic Water for a zesty and balanced drink.

Where to buy: Amazon, £34.95

Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water: Amazon, £18 for a pack of 24

Skinny Tonic.jpg

Camus Borderies VSOP7.png

For those who love a darker spirit, try this French Cognac, which has spicy aromas and flavours of praline, nougat, and dried apricot and prunes. It’s fresh and floral, and should be matched with Double Dutch’s sweet ‘n’ sour Cranberry & Ginger Tonic Water which blends a light and summery aroma with a warm, lingering finish. 

Where to buy: The Whisky Exchange, £48.95

Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic Water: Amazon, £3.99


Curio Rock Samphire Gin8.png

This Cornish gin made with foraged rock samphire is the perfect choice if you like something a little more herbal. Served with Double Dutch Double Lemon – a blend of lemon with a whisper of lime – for a balanced flavour profile, this pairing is sure to whisk you away to the sunny shores of Cornwall in no time. 

Where to buy: Amazon, £36.59

Double Dutch Double Lemon: Amazon, £22.99 for a pack of 24

Chairman’s Reserve Finest St Lucia Rum9.png

For a Caribbean twist, try this gorgeous rum from the beautiful island of St Lucia, served with ginger beer and a dash of pineapple juice. The rum offers flower and caramel with hints of vanilla and a fresh grass character on the finish, while Double Dutch Ginger Beer offers a complete taste experience with spicy, peppery citrus notes and sweet earthy flavours.

Where to buy: Master of Malt, £23.63

Double Dutch Ginger Beer: Amazon, £19.14 for a pack of 24

Ginger Beer.jpg

Adnams East Coast Vodka10.png

Adnams East Coast vodka from sunny Southwold offers gorgeous flavours of raspberries and cream and chocolate-dipped strawberries – perfect for enjoying with those long summer evenings. Match the vodka with the bright flavours of Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water, with hints of pink grapefruit and juniper berry which reduce that bitter tonic after-taste. Garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of mint for a delicate and fruity beverage.

Where to buy: Amazon, £28.02

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water: Amazon, £18.90 for a pack of 24; Waitrose, £3