IWSC announces a special start-up winner

Wine news

Mon 11 Apr 2022

New for 2022, the IWSC has created a Start-up trophy, to recognise the efforts of one entrant to its Business Awards .

A proud supporter of innovation within the industry, the IWSC is pleased to acknowledge the work being done by Propeller for this new award.

Propeller was formed by specialist consultancy Wild Ferment together with national wholesaler EWGA Ltd, which has been servicing UK retailers and wholesalers since 1972.

Founded in September 2020, Propeller has already established an impressive network given the short time it has traded and the challenges it has faced since its inception.

Considering itself a ‘disruptive incubator’, Propeller sees its purpose as launching clients into the UK, establishing commercial momentum and then, after 12-18 months, providing clients an option to transition to a ‘normal agent’.


Propeller's & No, canned wines, paper bottles and bag in box, as well as countries or regions that have never been sold before in the UK, most recently including Texas, as well as emerging sectors like China and Georgia.

Already working with 23 producers and distributing 140 wines, Propeller aspires to grow the number of producers it works with to 45 by the end of the year, growing its range to 250 wines. This summer Propeller also plans to launch a direct-to-consumer online subscription site as well as a digital platform to enable its producers to manage stock directly.

Our judges felt that Propeller’s business model was innovative and the amount the team has achieved in its short 18-month lifespan should be applauded. Creating a new model that is disrupting the market, especially launching during the midst of a global pandemic is a bold move.

A brave new start-up embodying the new business ethics many companies are moving toward the IWSC is delighted to name Propeller as its 2022 Start-up award winner.