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Deadline: 26th May 2017

  • Spirit packaging design plays a vital role in brand selection and creates an important point of difference on a crowded shelf. This year we have introduced a new category to recognise excellence in this field.

  • Entrants will be asked to explain what distinguishes their product and why they think they should win the award. Entrants can submit their design briefs and will be assessed on their creativity, impact, innovation, relevance and originality. Products will also need to be submitted to a judging panel who will decide on the eventual winner.

Please note each of these competitions is charged at £50 additionally to the IWSC entry. All entrants of these competitions must enter the IWSC main competition.


Deadline: When entering your products

Open to all wines submitted into the competition for an additional £50 fee, judges will assess the creativity, impact, innovation, relevance and originality of submitted wine labels in the ultimate quest for Wine Label Design of the Year.

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