JIANGXIAOBAI announced as key sponsor of IWSC 2018

IWSC news

Fri 26 Oct 2018

By Laurel Bibby

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Leading Chinese baijiu brand JIANGXIAOBAI has been announced as a key sponsor of the International Wine & Spirit Competition this year. 

Established in 2012, JIANGXIAOBAI is one of the youngest Chinese baijiu brands. Its top mission, “The Renaissance of Old Flavor” aims to bring China’s supposedly ‘out of date’ national drink back to a young consumer audience by steering baijiu in a modern, international direction.

The brand motto, “I am JIANGXIAOBAI, Life is Simple”, advocates an anti-luxury product and corporate concept of simple packaging with premium distilled liqueur. The baijiu itself is smooth, light and pure, differentiating it from most traditional Chinese baijiu brands – which tend to have a spicier taste – and making the drink more accessible to a younger audience. The company’s leading product JOYOUTH won a Silver medal in the IWSC 2017.

JIANGXIAOBAI also takes a leading role in consumer engagement, with events promoting youth culture including a hip hop music festival YOLO, international street dance competition JIANGXIAOBAI Just Battle, and the JIANGXIAOBAI Graffiti Street Art Festival. 

Guests at this year’s IWSC Awards Banquet will have the opportunity to taste this fashionable spirit; there will be a dedicated JIANGXIAOBAI table in the spirits tasting section, where guests will be able to discover the different baijiu products available from the brand.