Our 2022 Business Awards are open

IWSC news

Mon 10 Jan 2022

By Gemma Duncan

As well as judging individual bottles of wines, spirits, alcohol alternatives, ciders RTDs and more, the IWSC is also keen to recognise the hard work and creativity of the companies that import, sell and distribute these bottles.

More than ever, with businesses having had so many hurdles to overcome from issues not limited to the past years’ shipping crisis, pandemic, and continued struggles from Brexit, the IWSC is keen to recognise the excellent work being done by importers, distributors and retailers across the world.

The IWSC’s 2022 Business Awards are now open and further information can be found on the Business Awards homepage.

For 2022, the Business Award categories are:

Wine Supermarket of the Year

Spirits Supermarket of the Year


Wine Distributor of the Year  

Spirits Distributor of the Year