John Hoskins MW


The Old Bridge

John Hoskins MW is a prominent figure in the world of hospitality and wine, known for his pioneering achievements and contributions. Born into a family with a background in hotel management, John initially embarked on a different path, choosing to pursue studies in English literature. However, the allure of the wine world eventually drew him back into the family business.

In 1994, John made history by becoming the first person in the restaurant industry to pass the rigorous Master of Wine exams, a remarkable accomplishment that marked the beginning of his illustrious career in the wine industry. Notably, he clinched the prestigious Bollinger Award for tasting, showcasing his exceptional palate and expertise.

In the same year, John founded Huntsbridge, a group of gastro-pubs with a distinct emphasis on wine. This venture reflected his passion for both culinary excellence and the world of fine wines. Over the years, Huntsbridge became synonymous with quality dining experiences and a curated selection of wines.

Following a decade of managing the gastro-pubs, John decided to shift gears. He sold the smaller pubs and took the helm at The Old Bridge in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, a quintessential English inn. Under his guidance, The Old Bridge gained acclaim not only for its traditional charm but also for the addition of an on-site wine shop, known as Old Bridge Wine.

In 2023, after nearly three decades of building and nurturing The Old Bridge, John decided to pass the torch. The inn and its wine shop were acquired by Chestnut, a reputable hospitality company. This move allowed John to transition into a new phase of his career, focused on endeavours such as judging, education, and other enjoyable pursuits.

John Hoskins MW