Sandy Hyslop


Chivas Brothers Limited


Director of Blending & Inventory

With nearly 40 years’ experience in blending Scotch whisky, Sandy Hyslop holds the  prestigious role of Director of Blending and Inventory across all of Chivas Brothers’ blended Scotch whisky.

Sandy started working in the whisky industry in 1983 as a Quality Controller at a whisky plant in Dundee. After showing a natural aptitude in assessing whisky samples, Sandy was invited to spend one day a week with Jack Goudy, the legendary Master Blender of Ballantine’s. After a steep learning curve during his apprenticeship, Sandy was appointed to the position of Blender at Ballantine’s Headquarters in Dumbarton.

In 2005 Sandy joined the ranks of Ballantine’s Master Blender, being only the fifth Master Blender in the long and distinguished history of Ballantine’s Scotch whisky. During this time, Sandy oversaw a blending team of four, ensuring the continued excellence of the blend. His role at Ballantine’s saw him lead the monitoring of the distillation, and blending and maturing of whiskies – a responsibility that was extended to whole Chivas Brothers portfolio in 2016 as the new Director of Blending. Sandy and his expert team of seven blending experts set to strengthen Chivas Brothers’ position as a global leader in the blended Scotch whisky sector.

2018 marked a new chapter for Sandy when he took on the role of Director of Inventory. His new scope oversees the maturing inventory of 300 warehouses in over 17 locations, making up seven million casks. In addition, he manages and coordinates the planning of all distilleries’ production, bulk operations and cask warehousing, to ensure a balanced inventory position against requirements.

With an emphasis on quality at all times, Sandy’s good-humored nature and commitment to excellence is very much in keeping with Chivas Brothers’ ethos

Sandy Hyslop