Christopher Delalonde MS


Hakkasan Group

Christopher Delalonde MS, a luminary in the global wine industry, embarked on his extraordinary journey unexpectedly during his formative years in catering school. With over three decades of experience, Delalonde epitomizes excellence and innovation in the wine world.

His illustrious career began with a summer restaurant stint, thrusting him into the role of a sommelier in a Michelin-starred establishment. Despite initial unfamiliarity with wine, Delalonde's innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge led him to immerse himself in the subject, marking the inception of a lifelong dedication to mastering wine.

In 1992, Delalonde apprenticed under Philippe Faure Brac, gaining invaluable experience during Brac's championship-winning year at the ASI World's Championship in Rio. His journey through Parisian culinary landmarks like L'Arpege honed his expertise.

Transitioning to London, Delalonde made significant contributions to its culinary scene, notably at The Square and Gordon Ramsay at Claridges. As a Master Sommelier and IWSC judge, his discerning palate and deep wine knowledge are highly esteemed.

In 2021, Delalonde assumed the role of Head of Wines at Tao Group Hospitality UK, overseeing wine programs at iconic venues like Hakkasan. His appointment underscores his authority in the wine world, shaping wine culture in hospitality.

Delalonde's passion for wine transcends connoisseurship, driving his pursuit of excellence. As he continues to innovate and deliver exceptional dining experiences, he remains a guiding light for sommeliers and a source of inspiration for wine enthusiasts globally.

Moreover, Delalonde's accolades include being named UK somm of the year winner in 2010. Additionally, as a proponent of continuous learning and challenge, he achieved Gold at the ASI diploma taken last year, further cementing his status as a leading figure in the wine industry.

Christopher Delalonde MS