Ana Jackson MW (nee Sapungiu)


Amathus Drinks


Head of Wine Business Development

Ana Sapungiu MW, now Ana Jackson MW, is a distinguished figure in the wine industry with over two decades of experience. Originally from Romania, Ana ventured to London to pursue an MBA degree, which unexpectedly led her to discover her passion for wine during a project involving importing Romanian wine.

Ana began her career journey at Oddbins, where she participated in the Trainee Management program and managed various branches, including a flagship location. Transitioning to the buying department, she quickly rose through the ranks, eventually assuming the role of Head Wine Buyer. In this capacity, Ana played a pivotal role in reshaping and refining Oddbins' wine range, establishing herself as a discerning tastemaker and forging strong relationships with suppliers.

Throughout her career, Ana has been recognized for her expertise and has served as a judge in renowned wine competitions such as IWSC, Decanter, and IWC. In 2016, she achieved the prestigious Master of Wine qualification, further solidifying her status as a respected authority in the industry.

Currently, Ana holds the position of Head of Wine Business Development at Amathus Drinks, where she collaborates with the team to enhance the company's wine profile and drive sales across all sectors of the business. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation continue to be instrumental in Amathus Drinks' growth and success.

Ana Jackson MW (nee Sapungiu)