Spencer Fondaumiere


Wineyard East Africa


Founder & Director

Spencer is an (ASI) Association de la Sommellerie Internationale certified sommelier, one of less than 500 people in the world to have ever successfully passed the demanding diploma exam. Additionally he has completed WSET level 3.

He is currently the president of the South African Sommeliers Association.

Spencer is a qualified chef with 10 years of experience in the kitchen before moving over the past to continue his passion for hospitality and flavour as a restaurateur and Sommelier.

He is the co-founder of Wine yard East Africa, a distributor of fine wines and spirits in Rwanda and Kenya (and co-founder of Slow Gold global distributor of exclusive curated family-owned brands.


Previously he was the national brand manager at Warwick Wine Estate and the operations manager for the Burrata group of restaurants.

He is a certified wine judge with an accomplished track record serving on panels of several leading wine competitions.

Spencer  Fondaumiere