Jaba Dzimistarishvili


Tbilisi Wine Muzeum


Best sommelier of Georgia 2021

Jaba Dzimistarishvili is a versatile professional with a rich background in both the world of wine and acting. Hailing from Rustavi, Georgia, Jaba has successfully navigated these two seemingly distinct domains.

Starting his career in the theatre, Jaba worked as an actor. However, his journey took a new direction in the world of wine. In 2016, he embarked on the path of a Sommelier, earning a qualification from Tbilisi Wine School.

Jaba's wine journey continued with roles as a Sommelier at Restaurant "TWO SIDE" and later as a Brand Sommelier at Wine Bar "Vinissimo," combining his passion for wine with his role as a wine expert.

His professional growth saw him take on responsibilities as a Manager at the Restaurant "CHINA TOWN". Jaba's commitment to the world of wine led him to become a Sommelier lecturer at the Tbilisi Wine Museum School of Wine Testing Course, where he shared his extensive knowledge. He also served as a Sommelier at the Restaurant "Bread House," solidifying his expertise in the wine industry.

In 2022, Jaba Dzimistarishvili embraced a significant role as a Chef Sommelier at Restaurant "Archive," demonstrating his deep understanding of wine.

Additionally, he has affiliations with the LEPL National Wine Agency of Georgia, and his role as a Judge at IWSC in Tbilisi showcases his involvement in international wine competitions.

Jaba Dzimistarishvili's career exemplifies a harmonious blend of his talents in acting and wine expertise. His journey reflects versatility, dedication, and a commitment to excellence in both the theatre and the world of wine.

Jaba Dzimistarishvili