Levon Bağış


OBUR Consultancy


Wine Specialist and Trainer / Educator

Levon Bağış was born in 1980 in İstanbul. While he was studying Public Administration in University, he was also interested in wine industry. This interest has become his professional life in time. .

Between the years 2003-2008 he had a chance to work at wineyards and several wine cellars during wine harvest seasons.

For 13 years of his career He is working on the most precious thing in His life, Wine...

Levon Bağış, who prepared and developed "Kavekol",  Wine Professional Training program in Turkey, and also wrote a book named "ABC of Wine". Also he is a partner in a restaurant called Foxy, which only serves wine made from local grapes. 

Now he is still continuing his professional life as a owner of OBUR Concultancy Company and.

He is also columnist at a weekly newspaper named AGOS and montly magazine OT.

Levon Bağış