Suzana Barelli


Paladar Newspaper



Suzana is a journalist specialising in wines in Brazil. She has been working in the area since the beginning of 2000. Suzana is currently a wine columnist for Paladar, the newspaper Estado de S. Paulo, with the column Le Vin Philosophy, and she also publishes a weekly video on her instagram with the main industry news.

A pioneer among women in the world of wine in Brazil, Suzana is among the main female references in this segment. Suzana has already written about wines for the magazines “Menu” (she was editorial director and editor of wines) and “Prazeres da Mesa” (secretary editor) and, as a reporter for the newspapers “Valor Econômico”, “Folha de S.Paulo” and “O Globo”, in addition to collaborating with several specialised publications.

Suzana is also a member of the “Confraria dos Enófilos do Alentejo” (Portugal), “Confraria do Vinho do Porto” (Portugal) and l'Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne (France).

Suzana Barelli